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General Specification
Deegree of protection
(IEC 60034-5)



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Standard HASCON motor HC series are suitable for driving various kinds of machines of equipment, The output ratings are from 0.18 kW to 355 kW. The frame sizes are from 80 to 355

Standard HASCON motor HC series have cast iron stator frames, endshields and terminal boxes. The feet integrally cast into the stator frames, The terminal box is mounted on the top as standard.

All motors comply with the requirements for European CE marking.
All motors are designed for high efficiency and low temperature rise giving a long economical service life.
 - Motors with terminal boxes on the right side or on the left side are available.

Site Conditions
HC motors are suitable or almost all applications and will operate satisfactorily at temperatures from -20'C to +40'C and at altitudes up to 1,000 meters above sea level.

Insulation and temperature rise
The insulation system is Class F (105K) and the motors in sizes 80-355 are designed to operate with Class B (80K).

Cooling and ventilation
The standard cooling method is Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) in accordance with code IC411 of IEC 600034-6 Standard motors in sizes 80-315 are equipped with radial-flow plastic fans.
Standard motors in size 355 equipped with radial-flow aluminium fans.

The standard degrees of protections is IP55.
The IP55 enclosure means complete liquidproof and dustproof protection.
A higher degrees of protection is available.

Motor protection
Motors can be proected by PTC thermistors in the stator winding (1 or 2 sets of PTC thermistors.)

Voltage and frequency
Standard voltages are 380V 50Hz, 400V 50Hz or 415V 50Hz, but can be wound for any single voltage in the range 200-660V at a frequency 50 or 60Hz.
The motos will operate statisfactorilly with volage variations of +/- 5% from the rated voltage.

Direct-on-line starting can be used on all frame sizes, Motorss up to and including 3kW are star connected and cannot be started with Star/Delta starter. Motors above 3kW are delta connected with 6 terminals for Star/Delta Starting.

The permitted noise levels of electical machines are fixed in IEC60034-9 (EN60034-9). The noise level of HC motors is well below this limit values.
For detail, please refer to the performance data tables.

Standard motors are designed to vibration class N (normal), vibration class R (reduced) and vibration class S (Special) are available on request.

Quality assurance
Stringent quality procedures are observed from fist disign to finished products in accordance with ISO9001 documented quality systems.
Our factories have been assessed to meet these requirements, a further assurance that only the highest possible standards of quality are accepted.

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